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Drinks and Mixed Drinks


Otter Amber 4% Pint/half £1.80/£3.60
Berliner Pilsner 5% 330ml £3.60
Meantime Lager 4.5% 330ml £4.00
Meantime Pale Ale 4.3% 330ml £4.00
Meantime Yakima Red 4.1% 330ml £4.00
Powderkeg Cut loose 4.7% 330ml £4.00
Powderkeg speakeasy 4.3% 330ml £4.00
Yeastie Boys Porter 6% 330ml £4.20
Yeastie Boys Earl Grey IPA 6% 330ml £4.20
Schofferhofer Grapefruit 2.5% 500ml £3.60
Krombacher 0.5% 330ml £3.00

Sandford Devon Red 4.5% 500ml £4.00
Sandford Devon Scrumpy 6% 500ml £4.20
Sandford Shaky Bridge 6% 500ml £4.20



South Island Sauvignon Blanc £4 / £15 bottle
Los Coches Viogner £18 bottle


Vina Nerea Tempranillo £4 / £15 bottle
Ladera Verde Merlot £4.40 / £16 bottle
Pampas Malbec-Shiraz £4.80 / £18 bottle


La Vignette Rose £4 / £16 bottle


Zonin Prosecco £6.50 200ml bottle
Vetriano Prosecco £22 bottle

(*standard glass 175ml, 125ml also available)


Sandford Apple Juice 330ml £2.30
Sandford Traditional Lemonade 330ml £2.30
Sandford Ginger Beer 330ml £2.30
Frobishers various juices 250ml £2.30
Goldberg Tonic 150ml £1.30
Fever Tree Premium Tonic 200ml £1.80
Coca Cola/Diet Coke 200ml £1.70
Schweppes Lemonade 200ml £1.70
Schweppes Soda Water 200ml £1.20
Harrogate Sparkling/Still Water 330ml £1.70

Tea £1.50
Espresso/Americano £2.00
Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White £2.50
Hot Chocolate £2.50


(Light: bright, refreshing, vibrant. Dark: warming, spicy, moody.)


Vodka Mule (Light)
Raspberry vodka, peach, lime, ginger beer

Vodka Mule (Dark)
Vanilla vodka, hazelnut liqueur, bitters, lime, ginger beer

Gin & Tonic (Light)
Gin, grapefruit liqueur, elderflower, tonic, citrus

Gin & Tonic (Dark)
Gin, px sherry, tonic

Rum & Cola (Light)
Rum, wray, banana, lime, cola

Rum & Cola (Dark)
Popcorn infused rum, Cherry, Heering, bitters, lime, cola

Scotch & Soda (Light)
Great King St. Artist’s blend, lager syrup, citrus, soda

Scotch & Soda (Dark)
Great King St. Glasgow blend, stout syrup, soda

Paloma (Light)
Tequila, Suze, green chilli, lime, ting grapefruit

Paloma (Dark)
Tequila, mezcal, chartreuse, Campari, lime, ting grapefruit


Daiquiri (Light)
rum, coconut rum, overproof rum, almond syrup, lime

Daiquiri (Dark)
Pineapple rum, ancho reyes chili liqueur, lime

Shrub (Light)
tequila, elderflower, pea & mint shrub

Shrub (Dark)
Bourbon, beetroot shrub, elderflower, bitters

Sour (Light)
Gin, lemon, raspberry & mint syrup, whites

Sour (Dark)
Gin, blackcurrant liqueur, black pepper, lemon, whites

Digestif (Light)
Vodka, milk, espresso, yellow Chartreuse, coffee liqueur

Digestif (Dark)
Vodka, espresso, cardamom, px sherry


Martini (Light)
Plymouth gin, vermouth, Suze, citrus

Martini (Dark)
Black Cow vodka, olive oil washed vermouth

Negroni (Light)
Gin, Campari, plum sake

Negroni (Dark)
Gin, Campari, vermouth, cacao

Old Fashioned (Light)
Cider brandy, Peychaud’s bitters, sugar, pastis

Old Fashioned (Dark)
Bourbon, rye, port, smoke, maple syrup, bitters

Please speak to us if you have any questions at all, and let our staff know if you have any allergies. We’ll happily make low or non-alcoholic versions of the cocktails where possible.