We’ve a select selection of pre-show snacks
  • Pipers Farm Pies, with chutney or The Plant salad (£4.5/£6)
  • Little Jack Horner Sausage Rolls (£3)
  • Home-flavoured Popcorn (£1)
  • Snack board of nuts, olives, crisps and popcorn (£6)
  • Exploding Bakery Cakes (£2.5)

If you’d like to book a table pre-theatre, please ring 01392 434 169.

Coffees, Teas, etc.

The perfect accompaniment to that post-show slice of cake.

Check out our local suppliers: Coffee Factory, Canton Teas, Exploding Bakery, Sandford Orchards, Exeter Brewery, Hallets Bakery, Pipers Farm, Little Jack Horner and many more…