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We are keen to provide opportunities for those keen to work within the industry, specifically in Exeter and the South West.enages

We like to meet new people, listen to ideas and help theatre in Exeter and the surrounding area flourish.

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Opportunity to perform with Nigel and Louise

I wanted to let you know about Nigel and Louise who are coming to Exeter with 3 shows after doing a residency with us over the last 6 months. Two amazing live artists, who will be taking part in Manchester International Festival, so it will be great to see them in this small space.

I also wondered if I could solicit your help? I am looking to find 12 people to take part in one of the shows, This is What Men Do.

The shows are:

This is What Men Do

I am Candy. You are Dark Fortune.


All of which will be exciting, I am Candy. You are Dark Fortune, has been developed especially for The Bike Shed, and this will be its premier.

It is on March 28th and 30th. Would you be up for it?

They are looking for non/amateur/student performers.

Here is their blurb.

The show will be a very simple format and style of delivery and you will be reading the text, so please don’t be anxious about having to learn lines.

So again don’t feel any pressure on having to ‘perform’.

We have an idea to do a very simple show called ‘this is what men do’   

with the men alluding to mankind but actually being about men

It would be a really simple format with a series of women and men of varying ages and maybe one very young girl, sitting at a table speaking into microphones and at one point start eating.

Each would come onto the stage, bare but for a microphone, and speak simply and clearly to the audience.  

Each would have a simple true account of some atrocity that men have done in the world, from small acts that affected one person, to acts that have had a globally catastrophic impact, acts that took place throughout history and in the present day.  Focussing on the tiny detail, some accounts brief, some almost unbearably long

A catalogue of acts of cruelty and destruction to each other, to their families, to other people, other peoples, other countries, in the name of whatever they justify it with. Simple domestic stories, stories of leaders, of individuals, of groups, of collusion.  Not stories of psychopaths or of the criminally insane, of sadists….but things done, understood and justified as right behavior

Men beating their wives with their friends approval, fathers killing their children to spite their ex wives, military leaders giving orders to rape women as they pass through a defeated country, burning people alive, slavery, the invention of weapons that turn people to ‘pink mist,’ the driving to suicide of whistleblowers, state torture, the raping of another man’s child as a legally approved action, the burning of your own daughter with petrol as a good thing for you and your community.  Things still happening in civilised nations, things that happen in extremes of war, the declaration of war itself, the subjugation of others who are different, the crushing of beliefs counter to your own.

Things men do.

Thanks for your help.

The Unit

The Unit is in an empty shop space in central Exeter where we host companies to come and develop a new idea for a week.  This is a R&D space only, where companies and artists can play, develop and explore an idea with out the pressure to produce something ‘finish’ by the end of their week.

The weeks run from Monday to Friday year round and the opportunity is open to everyone local and national and is a rolling application process.

If you’d like to use it, please fill out this form or contact Emily.

Scratch Nights

Every few months, we host Scratch nights, where companies show the beginnings of ideas to an encouraging audience.

This is always an exciting evening for audience and artists a like, as the work being shown is still in development and so feedback from the audience is a crucial tool to aid the success of the show.

If you are curious about how shows get made or just want to experience something new we recommend coming to our scratch nights.  There will also be nibbles laid out for you to enjoy, from our wonderful cafe.

Our scratch night happen every month check out the event page for dates. If you have a piece of work in progress and you’d like to take part, or to find out more, please contact Emily.

Box Office Volunteers

Our box office volunteers are often the first person a new audience member might meet when they visit The Bike Shed Theatre. It’s important that our team are friendly and welcoming and can provide an efficient, informative service when booking tickets and giving information about performances.

If you’re interested in becoming a Box Office Volunteer, please read our Volunteer Role Description. This will give you a good idea of the type of person we’re looking for and what you would be doing.

To apply to become a volunteer please ensure you have read our Volunteer Role Description and apply via this form.