Jobs & Opportunities

We are keen to provide opportunities for those keen to work within the industry, specifically in Exeter and the South West.enages

We like to meet new people, listen to ideas and help theatre in Exeter and the surrounding area flourish.

If you’ve an idea – contact us.

And if we have a project, we’ll post it below.

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The Unit

The Unit is in an empty shop space in central Exeter where we host companies to come and develop a new idea for a week.  This is a R&D space only, where companies and artists can play, develop and explore an idea with out the pressure to produce something ‘finish’ by the end of their week.

The weeks run from Monday to Friday year round and the opportunity is open to everyone local and national and is a rolling application process.

If you’d like to use it, please fill out this form or contact Emily.

Scratch Nights

Every few months, we host Scratch nights, where companies show the beginnings of ideas to an encouraging audience.

This is always an exciting evening for audience and artists a like, as the work being shown is still in development and so feedback from the audience is a crucial tool to aid the success of the show.

If you are curious about how shows get made or just want to experience something new we recommend coming to our scratch nights.  There will also be nibbles laid out for you to enjoy, from our wonderful cafe.

Our scratch night happen every month check out the event page for dates. If you have a piece of work in progress and you’d like to take part, or to find out more, please contact Torran.

Box Office Volunteers

Our box office volunteers are often the first person a new audience member might meet when they visit The Bike Shed Theatre. It’s important that our team are friendly and welcoming and can provide an efficient, informative service when booking tickets and giving information about performances.

If you’re interested in becoming a Box Office Volunteer, please read our Volunteer Role Description. This will give you a good idea of the type of person we’re looking for and what you would be doing.

To apply to become a volunteer please ensure you have read our Volunteer Role Description and apply via this form.

Artist Opportunity: Design a Crazy Golf Course for The Boat Shed

This summer, for sixteen weeks, the old maritime museum on Exeter’s Quay will spring into life. We’ll fill it with theatre, visual art, live music, comedy, cocktails, ice-cream and…mini golf.

We’ve teamed up with the good people at Active Devon to enable the creation of the best mini-golf course this side of Marsh Barton. 

We’re looking for a design that will incite curiosity and imagination from people of all ages. The style is up to you. It can be historical, futuristic, serious, surreal and everything in between but it must be inspired by Exeter.
All entries will be considered by a panel of judges and the winner will receive a £1500 fee plus a budget of £1500 for materials.

To enter, send your design a statement outlining your ideas and relevant experience (no longer than 500 words) to by 6pm on 9 May. We will announce the chosen design on 18 May.


  • You will be required to build and create your design in the Boat Shed space, ready for public use.
  • The dimensions of the space are 17 x 6.7m
  • The crazy golf course will be open to the public throughout August
  • You will need to source and include up to 15 golf clubs and balls within your budget.
  • You will need to ensure the course is sturdy, safe and accessible.
  • If you have any questions, contact

This project is supported by Active Devon, working to make Exeter the most active city in the south west.

Kaleider Opportunity


You may have heard about a plan to create a new festival for Exeter – to celebrate the city being home to world-leading technologists and scientists, as well as artists, musicians and thinkers. The Met Office Informatics Lab first brought the festival idea to the table and they were inspired in part by SXSW in Austin.

Think smaller than SXSW for the minute though. This first ‘beta’ festival is 6 – 8 October 2017 and will take place all over the city with music in every space possible, new playable art/tech projects in the streets and roaming technologists running hacks, workshops and talks to share what is new and exciting – including at a special TEDxExeter Salon. The plan is to showcase the best in digital creativity, art, ideas and cutting edge music.

It is called Lost Weekend: Music | Tech | Art | Ideas

Joining the Met Office Informatics Lab in the journey so far are: Exeter City Council, TEDxExeter, Kaleider, Exeter City Futures, and the city’s leading music venues Exeter Phoenix and the Cavern.

Would you like to join us?

Are you working on something playable/playful/fascinating/interesting/challenging/delightful that could take place during Lost Weekend? Or, could you tell us about something for next year or subsequent years? Or perhaps you can tell us about people you know that you you think the Lost Weekend partners should know about.

The budget is limited in this first pilot year as the partners are pulling everything together themselves. If you do want to join in, there are some good people that could help with producing, placing, production and marketing. There are venues and sites ‘booked’ all over the city and there will be one or two huge screens up in the city centre. If you tell us what you need to make something extraordinary happen as part of Lost Weekend, we’ll try to throw as much as we can at the idea and work alongside you. If we can’t make it happen together for this year, perhaps next year?

If you’d like to join us, please get in touch – a quick email is fine. Or a short video (no longer than 3 minutes, uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo).

When we read through interested emails, we’ll be asking ..

What is the offer to audiences and does it fit the theme of the festival – a genuine mix of art and technology?

If it is art – is it playable? The driver for this festival is ‘playability’. Using technology to make interactive experiences for audiences. It can be serious play.

Can we think of the perfect site and back-up to do the idea justice?

Can we make it happen this year or would it benefit more from money being found for it for next year?