Actor Call Out: Happiness Ltd.

Actors Call Out

Happiness Ltd.

  • Written by Tom Nicholas
  • Directed by Jo Newman
  • Produced by Emily Souter Johnson

Happiness Ltd. Summery 

When video game designer Vi broke up with Becky, she used what she knew. And she wrote herself a list. A list of the little things. The everyday things. The achievable things. She turned piecing herself back together into a game. Just for her.

When she shares this game with her rambunctious colleague Tyler, however, he sees an opportunity. Not just to make money but to save lives, to perhaps tackle the mental health crisis once and for all. But what if that only helps to suppress.

Happiness Ltd asks prescient questions about depression, ambition and success in the contemporary workplace. It asks whether we’re prepared to sacrifice happiness today for the potential of elation tomorrow and how we measure the success, or otherwise, of a life.

Production Details

Rehearsal Dates: September 25th for 2 weeks

Show Dates

  • Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter: October 9th for 2 weeks
  • Theatre Royal, Plymouth:  December 5th – 9th.
  • Further dates in London and around the SW TBC.

Paid equity minimum.

Casting Details 

Audition Date: July 25th

Location: Bristol

Roles Summery

Looking for 2 females and 2 male actors to be in this brand new play from exciting South West writer Tom Nicholas. Supported by The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter and Theatre Royal Plymouth this play will be the South West in the Autumn, with a view to a national tour in 2018.

We are looking for exciting actors, with great comic timing to be a part of the funny, contemporary play. We need you to be flexible, able to work as a part of a small and show commitment to the production.

Please send a link to Spotlight Profile or CV and headshots by July 17th.

Vi – female, twenties

Video game artist

Driven, Open-hearted, Thoughtful,  Funny

Needs to have great comic timing

Tyler – male, twenties

Video game technician

Restless, uncensored, funny

Needs to have great sense of comic timing

Daniel – male thirties

Director of independent gaming company

Idealistic, jaded, methodical

Jean – female, thirties

Creative producer at multinational corporation

Ruthless, Persuasive, Passionate


Send Spotlight Profile or CV to Emily Souter Johnson, by July 17th.