Over to you

Have you ever sat in the auditorium of our little theatre and thought: “I could be on stage”?

In the early days of the Bike Shed, we were often sent ideas from people. “Could we do this?” “I’d love to have an evening of that”.

Sometimes we’d take them up, but rarely. Now, the suggestions have dried up. We’ve become the place that presents our own ideas, or those from within rather narrow parameters.

So, when a week became free in our programme, we had a thought. What if we gave the space over to you? What would you do with it?

Perhaps you’d like to tell us the history of Guatemala, or teach us how to knit, perhaps you’d like to play a piece of music or use the space as a giant living room to play Grand Theft Auto. More likely, you’ve some better ideas than that. Something that would attract curious minds.

If you’ve an idea, something you’d like to try, send me a quick e-mail (not too many words please). Let me know what you’d like to do, how long you think it’ll last and who you’d like to see it (or do it). All ideas are welcome and we’ll chose those that most excite us.

Over to you.


David Lockwood

The week in question is 21 to 25 Nov, where you can make your mark on the Bike Shed. Email david@bikeshedtheatre.co.uk with your idea by 9am on 13th November.

Inspired by Fun Palaces.