1972: The Future of Sex

Tue 29th Mar - Sat 9th Apr 2016

It’s 1972. An era of possibility, polyester and pubic hair. Ziggy Stardust is on Top of the Pops, Penny is writing an essay on Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Christine is watching Deepthroat. Brian is confused.

The Wardrobe Ensemble tell the story of the class of ‘72 with a handsome funk guitarist and some spacehoppers. Was it easier back then? Where did we go wrong? A brisk romp through the ins and outs of those excellently awkward first sexual encounters.

You can read an interview with The Wardrobe Ensemble about the show, retro first times and why sex education still has a long way to go.



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Tickets: £10 (£8)
(£5 First Tuesday)

Age Recommendation 18+ (Brief Nudity)