Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine in: Race Off

Tue 18th Jul 2017 at 21:00

‘Race Off is a once in a lifetime show that, if you miss, you may never forgive yourself’ T ★★★★★HE AUSTRALIA TIMES

‘The comic who gave the Fringe So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now, has pretty much done it again’ ★★★★ THE SCOTSMAN (on Dumb White Guy)

‘A show readying and honing to launch onto a resistant Australia’ ★★★★ FEST MAGAZINE (on Dumb White Guy)

From the directors of Brendon Burns’ 2007 Edinburgh Award Winning show; So I Suppose This is Offensive Now, No-filter white Aussie Brendon Burns is teaming up with charming ball of rage Craig Quartermaine to form the first white and Aboriginal Australian double act in history… that’s right: in history… ever.

Relax. They’re not here to help.

Be warned, this is not some trite ebony and ivory sing-a-long. The story of how they came to perform together is sometimes excruciating, often uncomfortable, brutally honest but always very, very funny. As the two believe: for proper cathartic, heart-felt laughs, jokes must have a sting in their tail and have to hurt a little, on some level. But in doing so, the two have made something oddly beautiful.

Fresh from their smash hit run at last year’s Fringe with Dumb White Guy, Edinburgh award winner 2007, Brendon Burns, and raw comedy finalist and NITV journalist, Craig Quartermaine bring their new and uncompromising critically acclaimed show Race Off to Edinburgh debuting their fully-formed double-act in the UK for the first time.

The world is long overdue a nuanced intelligent conversation beyond, “everything’s racist” and “racism doesn’t exist”. And who better to do so than two men that have had to traverse Australia’s most toxic racial dynamic just to do a show?

Race Off is a show about personal accountability with a big heart that asks, “How can we ever combat bigotry if we never admit to it?”

In 27 years of performing all over the globe, Burns’ 2016 collaboration with Quartermaine was his best reviewed show ever. It is clear that Quartermaine is a much needed comic voice in a pretty damn barren landscape.

Full disclosure: This really shouldn’t work. Burns and Quartermaine, like some sort of real-life, live action, buddy movie, begrudgingly accept that neither man can pull this off without the other.

After all, be honest: it’s been ten years since Burns won the Edinburgh award and you’ve never heard of Quartermaine until now. Would you honestly have read this far about either man without the other?


Come to the show. They’re gonna rough you up a bit.

This event takes place at The Boat Shed on Exeter’s quay

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