Tue 7th Nov - Fri 10th Nov 2017

You are invited to a lecture. You know that the subject is probably important and it would be useful to hear what the speaker has to say but you can’t keep your eyes open.

You will fall asleep and you will dream.

But you won’t be alone in your dream; everyone else will be there with you. And you will have a chaperone who knows the landscape and will attend to you. So nothing can go wrong…unless…no…just close your eyes.

Fiction is the second performance by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg using binaural sound and absolute darkness. It is an anxious journey through the sprawling architecture of our dreams and an exercise in empathy. Or it is an opportunity to get a 60 minute nap.

From director David Rosenberg (Ring, Motor Show, Electric Hotel, Shunt) and writer Glen Neath (Ring, The Outgoing Man and Romcom by Rotozaza).


‘A fascinating and enthralling immersion’ ★★★★ BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

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By Glen Neath and David Rosenberg
Produced by Fuel

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