Write By Numbers


Tue 1st Mar - Sat 5th Mar 2016

“What’s this? Young people move in because it’s cheap. Ooh. Artists move in. Hello. I get involved. Regeneration happens. Buildings get built. Services get better. Area makes the news. Time Out likes it. Ooh we’re trendy now. I’m going to rebuild the place and make a ton of money.”

It’s Brixton in 1981 and a family’s home is about to be repossessed. It’s Leeds in 2016 and an architect has designed the tallest building the city has ever seen. It’s Newfoundland in 1903 and a man is about to start a journey that will take him (and his house) across continents and the 20th century. And, in Exeter in 2015, Write By Numbers who have worked on regeneration projects across England want to know if they’re part of the solution – or the problem.

Write By Numbers (Beneath the Albion Sky, Blueprint) return to The Bike Shed with their playful, epic and urgent exploration of urban regeneration, gentrification and what makes us call a place ‘home’ as they invite audiences to join them in imagining how we might together create the cities of the future.

‘Write By Numbers are a skilled crew with a wealth of talent and the ability to spin straw into gold.’

Winner, Critics’ Choice Award Ignite Festival 2013 for Beneath the Albion Sky

Developed with support from Rich Mix.

Suitable for ages 12+


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Tickets: £10 (£8)
(£5 Tuesdays)