The Boat Shed

What’s Happening?

Here’s a quick glance at what’s happening over the summer down at The Boat Shed on the quay. We’re hosting a pop-up festival in the Maclaine’s Warehouses with theatre, music, art, golf, ice-cream, cocktails, and barbeques.

The schedule:

  • Theatre Festival – 27 June to 29 July – Over 60 shows with exciting local artists and national visiting companies, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained including family theatre and comedy
  • Mini-Golf – 2 August to 2 September – An Exeter themed mini-golf course will pop up for the last weeks of summer so come down to putt your way around a miniature Fore Street and the ruins of the city wall.
  • Cocktails, Beer, Ice Cream and BBQ’s – From 26 onwards – We’ll be offering a mouth-watering selection of drinks and food for you to enjoy in the summer sunshine (that’s right, we’re feeling optimistic about the weather)

To book tickets to our summer theatre festival on the quay, click here. You can book 5 shows for £25 and individual ticket prices range between £5 and £8, so get stuck in.