Our Vision

We will transform the derelict warehouses, once occupied by the Maritime Museum, into a new creative space for Exeter.  The Boat Shed will partner with our current home on Fore Street and compliment the growing cultural scene in the city.

Our vision is to bring these landmark buildings back to life and give them a new purpose as a centre of creativity and enterprise for Exeter.  The 200-year old warehouses that once stored valuable cargoes of cloth, wool, wine and coal and fuelled Exeter’s rapid commercial growth will become a home for theatre, music, performers, artists and designers as part of Exeter’s thriving new economy.

  • On the ground floor there’ll be a bar, cafe and bakery, open from morning to midnight. There’ll also be an indoor market for craft, design, food and drink.
  • On the first floor, there’ll be a 250-seat theatre, a smaller room for comedy and live music and desk and studio space for creative companies.
  • On the second floor, there’ll be rehearsal rooms, both for professional work and for educational activities.

We’re keen to open as soon as possible but a project of this scale requires funding from a  multiplicity of private and public bodies, trusts and individuals all with their own requirements. Realistically, our vision won’t be completed until 2020 but in the meantime we plan to do things each year to test the space and inform the development of the project.

This summer we’ll breathe a new lease of life into the buildings through a series of pop up events.