The Bike Shed Theatre

Cube Essential Theatre and The Bike Shed Theatre present

Freddy Dare and the Ginger Robber

123 An adventure through theatre and film. A powerful story for all ages.

Meet Fred Andrews, schoolboy and loser. Fred's dad died a while ago, and his mum is too sad to pay attention to him. To make it even worse, he's struggling to make any friends at his new school.

But then he discovers a mysterious package at the bottom of a wardrobe and an unexpected visitor in the shed. Will these things give him the answers he needs or will they lead to his ultimate downfall?

Is it a film? Is it a play? Yes... FREDDY DARE & the GINGER ROBBER brings you both!

With influences ranging from the hit TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing' and the films 'The Artist' and 'Scott Pilgrim', Cube Theatre transports you on an epic adventure through striking visual effects, great original music, stylish performances and a dazzling script that packs an emotional punch.

Come and find your inner superhero!

Tickets from £5

Part Of Exetreme Imagination.