The Bike Shed Theatre


SCRATCH returns to the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter, this November.

SCRATCH is a platform where artists can show their work-in-progress pieces and get immediate feedback from the audience.

We are aiming to help new and emerging artists by giving them a platform where they can take their experiments out of the rehearsal room and place them in front of an audience. All experiments are welcome, big or small.

SCRATCH will mix artists from each and every discipline together, resulting in a fusion of styles that will excite audiences. We will invite that audience to be a part of the action by offering them the chance to give the performers their feedback so that they can improve their practice.

The SCRATCH nights will be taking place in the Bike Shed Bar in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Tickets £4

November 11th Lineup

Write by Numbers: Beneath the Albion Sky

albEight weeks ago Paul began walking St Michael’s Ley Line, crossing England from St Michael’s Mount to the coast of Suffolk. Since then he's trended on twitter, danced with Boudicca and fought a dragon (or two). Now he’s here to tell you the story. The true story.

Write By Numbers present a travelogue on England's past (and present) and the things our bodies and imaginations do to cope with loss.

Maggie/Flip: Women of an Uncertain Age

uncertainMore sketches on the theme of women of an uncertain age in an uncertain age. Subjects covered will include a return to work interview at the Job Centre, a Customer Satisfaction Survey and working from home: telephone sex.

Wild Oak Theatre Company: Wunderkammer

wunder“If Intelligence is the wife, imagination the mistress then memory.....Memory!...Oh I’ve forgotten”.

‘Jim’ finds himself trapped in a room full of random items, with no personal memory.
Wunderkammer takes us on a journey through Jims’ mind as he interacts with these items in order to regain his identity.

Rosy Seal: A girl with a Guitar

guitarTo put it simply, I am a girl with a guitar. So for Scratch 2012 I will be playing a few new songs and showing the world (or the Bikeshed Theatre audience) what I am about.