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Interwoven Theatre


Vega is a story that skirts the edge of what we know to be real. It allows us to think we have captured the nature of the world then sweeps us up to crystalline skies where all our assumptions are redefined. A spiralling love story in word and movement.

Interwoven Theatre, an Exeter-based artistic collaboration, presents a piece of physical theatre; a crystalline exploration of what is real. Essentially a love story, Vega nurtures our suspicion that the celestial skies hold an intense truth that is too beautiful for us to hold. Yet we can feel it, we know it when we look to the heavens and give ourselves up to the night sky. Through the melding of word and sound and body and movement this ethereal moment is captured.

Written by JoJo Spinks, a Devon-born writer, deeply in love with her landscape and her life and who probably spends too many hours gazing at the night sky. Danced by Kayleigh Anne Crook, an extraordinary dance talent recently returned from a secondment with the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore. Vega is Directed by Alistair Ganley who has been teaching the dramatic arts in Devon for 20 years and the team is delighted to welcome Sam Burns on board, his voice bringing the story alive. If you’ve ever loved the stars then you will love Vega.

Followed by a performance of Somewhere Between My Broken Seams.

Part of From Devon With Love, a 2 week festival of new local theatre. Pay what you can after seeing the show.