The Bike Shed Theatre

Uncommon Players

Winter Warmed: Endgame

gameInside a room, the blind imperious Hamm sits in a wheelchair whilst his lame servant Clov scuttles about obeying his orders. Outside the room there seems to be nothing but desolation. Each depends fractiously on the other, playing out their last day together. Hamm needs Clov to tend him, Clov needs Hamm because he has the combination to the lock on the larder.

Two Clowns…. two soulmates…. two lovers that hate each other…. two parents….they have grown close through time, and yet today Clov might just leave and start again fresh.

Like seeing through a dark glass brightly, Sunday Times

David Watkins and Philip Robinson as Hamm and Clov are supported by Janet Hookway and Eddie Holden as Hamms’ parents.

This production from Uncommon Players will startle, move, and amuse you as you are immersed in the world of Hamm and Clov.

Part of Winter Warmed: three weeks of performances, workshops, films, presentations and discussions celebrating the unique theatre of Samuel Beckett, through the talents of local and regional theatremakers.
Tickets £10 (£7 concessions)